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Mercitalia, a new era for the transportation of goods: from high-speed services to the "Smart Train"

Berlin, 19 September 2018

Mercitalia: new era in freight transport, from high-speed services to the "Smart Train"

With the birth of Mercitalia Group, the FS Italiane Group's freight business has entered a new era. The actions put in place by Mercitalia in the past two years have allowed FS Italiane to reposition itself in the freight and logistics market, creating the largest Italian player in the sector and significantly improving the economic and financial performance of its business. The transformation path is not yet complete and the challenges that Mercitalia will have to face in the coming months are still many. Nonetheless, the rapid launch of its ambitious investment plan, together with strong products and process innovation strategies being implemented by Mercitalia, are creating the best conditions for all pre-set objectives to be achieved.

Soon, for example, on the Bologna-Caserta line, Mercitalia Fast will debut, the first high-speed rail transport service dedicated to goods. In addition, Mercitalia is working on the development of the smart train, an innovative project that will allow the creation of freight trains composed of "intelligent" cars that can "converse" in real time with the locomotive, ensuring significant improvements in terms of operational efficiency, customer service, and operational safety, compared to current trains.

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